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Spin it Wise at the Casino with these Useful Tips

This strategy targets slot machines with 3 coins and uses a long game series. The 3 Star strategy involves combining the number of spikes * and your number of blank spins at the ** level. The number of blank spins serves to limit your losses and determines if the slot machine is cold. When you reach a certain number of empty spins between 7and 14, you can be sure that the returns from this slot machine are very low and you will surely lose your money. And the number of spins you set at a level determines the limits of your bet for a series of spins. The website betway88ไทย helps you figure out the technicalities.

The number of empty spins: When you start playing in the online slot machine you choose a number between seven and fourteen blank spins, and when you reach that number finish the session and change the slot machine. Always choose the number based on your bankroll—with a larger bankroll, you can afford more empty spins.

The number of spins you set at level: The idea here is to reduce the number of spins when playing a long series on a certain bet. So you limit your losses by taking into account only the spins at the level you are betting on. So you do not have to bet big amounts for a longer time, which can destroy your bankroll. Always choose the number of empty spins depending on the duration of the sequence, somewhere between 30% and 50% of the length of the rows.

These are ten spins with a bet of 3 coins, ten spins with a bet of 2 coins, ten spins with a bet of 1 coin; this is your entire 30 spin. If the number of scratch offsets you have set is four, it means that if you bet 3 coins and you get four empty spins in a row, you have to take the stake to the next lower value and bet two coins for ten spins. So, if you have four blank spins, do not end the session, but bet one level lower and keep the series at this level until the end of 10 spins.

With 3 Star Slot Machine Strategy at Ten Betting Levels: You must have $ 60 for $ 1 slot machines, $ 30 for $ 0.5, $ 15 slot machines for $ 0.25 slots. Do not forget to put a limit on your losses and do not exceed the 60% limit of the day. Break your bankroll into sessions!

With this strategy, it’s nice to have ten spins at each level with the protection coming from adding the number of blank spins to the level. Let’s say nine is the number of empty spins and four is the number of blank spins at level.

  • If you have nine blank spins, the session ends, so you are protected against greater losses.
  • If you have four empty spins in a row, you have reached your number of blank spins at the level and move to the next lower bet level. This leads to a reduction in high level losses, as the slot machine is cold, you will reduce the loss to a minimum of the entire session.